Looker Studio’s New Chart Title Feature


Looker Studio's latest update introduces customisable chart titles. This new feature enhances clarity, aesthetics, and accessibility, allowing users to convey their data stories more effectively.

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Looker Studio continues to enhance its functionality and user experience with its latest update, introducing customisable chart titles. A long overdue feature but one that not only adds a layer of clarity to visualisations but also enhances the narrative capability of reports. Here we explore how this update can transform the way data is presented in Looker Studio.

The Importance of Chart Titles

Chart titles are more than just labels. They serve as the entry point to the story you’re telling with your data. A well-crafted title can guide viewers, clarify what they’re observing, and set the context right from the outset. With the introduction of customisable chart titles in Looker Studio, users now have the flexibility to make their data presentations as informative and compelling as possible.

Customisation at Your Fingertips

The new chart titles feature in Looker Studio offers extensive customisation options, allowing users to fully control the appearance and placement of their titles. Here’s what you can do:

  • Title Text: Users can now input a custom title directly into their charts through a simple text field. This allows for direct and straightforward labelling, ensuring that viewers understand the data’s context immediately.
  • Font Customisation: Looker Studio has introduced options to select different font types for the title, adjust the size, and apply styling such as bold, italic, or underline. This level of customisation not only improves readability but also aligns the visual design with your company or personal branding.
  • Colour and Alignment: The update allows for adjusting the font colour, making the title stand out or blend in as needed. Additionally, titles can be aligned left, centre, or right, and can be positioned at the top or bottom of the chart. This flexibility ensures that the title complements the design and layout of the chart effectively.

Practical Applications

The introduction of customisable chart titles can significantly enhance various aspects of data visualisation:

  1. Enhanced Clarity: By allowing users to set precise, descriptive titles, Looker Studio helps clarify what the viewer is analysing. This is particularly useful in complex visualisations or when multiple charts are present on a single report page.
  2. Improved Aesthetics: Customisable titles enable users to create more visually appealing charts. The ability to modify font type, size, and colour means that each chart can be tailored to fit the aesthetic requirements of any presentation or report.
  3. Greater Accessibility: With better title placement and clearer font options, charts become more accessible to all users, including those with visual impairments. Effective titles ensure that everyone can grasp the presented data’s key insights quickly.


Looker Studio’s new chart titles feature is a significant enhancement that empowers users to create more effective and engaging data visualisations. By providing tools to customise the presentation and style of chart titles, Looker Studio helps users craft a clearer narrative around their data. Whether you’re a data analyst, marketer, or business owner, these new capabilities allow for more precise, accessible, and visually appealing presentations, ensuring your data not only informs but also impresses.

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