Legs4Africa help amputees live independently, through the provision of prosthetic legs along with physical and emotional rehabilitation. We helped them to visualise the impact they are having throughout the continent – allowing them to showcase the amazing impact they have, not only to the wider public but also those working tirelessly to make their vision a reality
“The support from Dashworx has been instrumental in driving efficiency and efficacy within our organisation.”
Tom Williams OBE, Founder

What we Provided

It was instantly clear to us that Legs4Africa had a wide array of data that needed to be collated and visualised. By utilising Looker Studio we were able to bring all this data into one platform, visualise and easily share it
Legs 2 Africa Looker Studio Google Data Studio Report
Legs 4 Africa Vision and Mission infographic

* note: all figures have been modified for confidentiality purposes

A bespoke suite of Looker Studio dashboards helped Legs4Africa to fully understand and visualise data that had been previously confined to spreadsheets, transforming it to allow actionable insight

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